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What Are You Reading?

We Want to Know!

Gratz College is kicking off an autumn social media campaign titled “What are you reading?”

We ask you to create a short video of yourself sharing what you are currently reading, as well as any books you feel are important to your research or teaching. If you're not comfortable with video, share a picture of you holding the book(s) that you mention! Send us written answers and we will post them on our social media channels.

Below are a few questions to get you started. Thank you for your participation, we’re looking forward to sharing this with our community!

  • What are you reading now? 
    • Share with us what book or books you are reading now. It can be any book, either for work or for leisure.
  • What book has influenced your teaching or research in the last few years?
    • Share with us a book that you use in the courses you teach or that you have used in your research.
  • Name one more book you find important for whatever reason or share a book that you wrote or are working on.

Check out our Librarian's video here.

Please send your video to  Don't forget to follow the Library on Facebook and Gratz College on Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.


  • Please keep your video under 3 minutes in length.
  • Please use a tripod for your phone or have someone record you. If using your computer, it is best to sit facing natural light.
  • Gratz staff will edit your video if necessary for clarity. Videos will become the property of Gratz College and may be uploaded to our website along with our social media channels.
  • Gratz College reserves the right to not use your video or remove it for any reason.
  • You may discuss one or two books, or just tell us what's currently on your nightstand.
  • Please speak clearly.
  • Have fun.