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A group of students and teachers in the lobby of Gratz

Summer Institute

The Summer Institute provides a once-a-year, virtual space for the Gratz community to explore a topic and share with expert speakers and workshops. We also offer academic sessions for doctoral students. Additionally, we encourage students and faculty to join us for some networking and fellowship opportunities, social events, and more.

SI 2024: Creativity and Problem Solving for Today's Leaders

This program equips future leaders with innovative problem-solving skills and  instills a deep sense of social responsibility and inclusivity with dynamic speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities. Students explore how creative problem-solving methodologies can be applied to address not only organizational complexities but also societal injustices. Through immersive workshops and interactive discussions, we delve into the historical roots and contemporary manifestations of antisemitism, understanding its profound impact on communities and the imperative for proactive leadership in combating prejudice and discrimination.

Summer Institute 2024 underscores the pivotal role of education in fostering empathy, challenging stereotypes, and promoting intercultural understanding. Through collaborative projects and community focused initiatives, students actively engage to creating inclusive environments where diversity is not only respected but celebrated. By integrating these elements into the educational experience, the program empowers graduates to not only navigate complex organizational landscapes with agility and creativity but also to lead with integrity and compassion, driving positive change in a diverse and interconnected world. Join us!





*Links to join each session will be posted in the schedule

Connect with us @gratzcollege on social with the hashtag #SI2024

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The Deena M. Grossmann Memorial Lecture in Education was established by the Grossmann family to honor the memory of their late daughter, Deena Grossmann. a distinguished Jewish educator and the first graduate of Gratz’s M.A. in Jewish Education.  Gratz College is honored to keep Deena's memory alive so that others may benefit from and be inspired by her legacy


SI 2024 speakers

Alexander Carver

Guest Speaker: Alexander Carver

"Power of Story Telling & Making Your Hollywood Pitch"

Andrew Goretsky, EdD

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Goretsky, EdD

"Fighting Back Antisemitism and Hate in a World of Disinformation and Misinformation"


What our Students are saying...

[This program] made me feel a part of a larger learning community.

—2022 Doctorate Student in Educational Leadership


This program has not only enhanced my academic knowledge but has been transformative for me in my profession. 

—2020 Grad, Ann P., Doctorate in Educational Leadership


I love that the summer institute is virtual!


Congratulations to the planning committee and to each speaker for an outstanding program!


It was really good to see other new students and to swap views and ideas.

—2022 Student survey responseS