Teen Educator Courses

You asked us to provide you with the specific tools needed to work with teens and we listened! This winter we are offering a stimulating and timely class to support teachers doing this critically important work.

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Starting February 20th

Social Media for Tweens and Teens – Marvel or Menace? (Grades 6 and up)

Our digital world is evolving at an extraordinary speed. What’s the newest app of choice? How are tweens and teens connecting online? How do we keep up and support them when things go wrong? How do we help tweens and teens positively harness the power of social media to do good? What does it mean to approach social media use with a Jewish values mindset? We will explore the challenges and opportunities of social media in a Jewish context. By the end of the course, you will have a core set of resources and techniques for engaging with and supporting tweens and teens in the use of social media through a Jewish lens. Click on the blue box above for more information


Design + Thinking = Innovative Learning Experiences (6th – 12th grades)

Design Thinking is an innovative creative process that will help you design thoughtful lessons that are both ripe with Jewish content and loads of fun! In this course, we will learn the key components of design-thinking, including
a) leading with empathy 
b) challenging assumptions
c) making experiments and
d) sharing what you learn.
The creative process associated with this design process sequence  will (re)invigorate your Jewish teaching. Click the blue box above for more information.


Starting February 26th

Using Media to Open Difficult Conversations About Israel

It can be challenging to cultivate a meaningful sense of connection between North American youth and Israel. Well-chosen and composed media can quickly and dynamically communicate complex ideas in compelling ways - making media a wonderful tool for bringing Israel "to life” for your students. 
Brain research teaches us that more than eighty percent of what we learn comes via our sense of vision; that's why students can remember things from TV and film that they don't retain via lectures. In this course we will use a variety of media - some documentary, and some from the entertainment world - to reach students intellectually and emotionally and to open up conversations about Israel.
1.      Israel’s role in the Middle East over the last 100 years.
2.      Israel’s role as the in-gatherer of exiles, as a safe haven for Jews
3.      Israel’s role as home to diverse populations and cultures, and
4.      Israel’s role as an exporter of technologies that make the world a better place. 
Participants will be introduced to online media specifically for teaching about Israel, as well as the ability to utilize media when teaching other topics. Click on the blue box above for more information.


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