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Continuing Education

Gratz is expanding its online learning opportunities by offering subscription webinars featuring a variety of topics taught by Gratz faculty.

Click here to watch Dr. Paul Finkelman, president of Gratz College, deliver the inaugural [email protected] presentation, “Abraham Lincoln & Slavery: How a Railroad Lawyer Became the Great Emancipator”.

A new webinar series launched this spring offers adult learners an interactive education experience and a way to connect virtually with the Gratz community.

The series, called [email protected], presents a webinar every month. The webinars are taught by Gratz faculty and are accessible from anywhere in the world.

The series kicked off with a free webinar in February, taught by Gratz President Dr. Paul Finkelman. Following that first session, the monthly webinar is available by subscription only.

“The series is designed to be an interactive experience with our global community of adult learners and faculty,” said Lori Cohen, director of non-credit adult learning at Gratz and coordinator of the webinar series. “Every month, a faculty member will present a webinar and learners from anywhere can submit questions or chat with other participants in real time.” 

A subscription gives participants access to all six webinars, running from March through August 2019. Participants can either watch webinars live—during which they can participate in the live chat—or view recordings afterward.

“The idea is to showcase our faculty,” Cohen said. “We want our constituents to understand the breadth and depth of their areas of expertise.”

The webinars also help connect alumni and strengthen the Gratz community, which spans the globe.

“As an online college, it can be a challenge to connect alumni who might live 3,000 miles apart from each other,” Cohen said. “This is a great way for them to stay in touch, and the technology is simple. If you have an email address and internet access, you can participate.”

The first webinar of the series attracted a wide swath of the Gratz community, including alumni, current students, local adult learners and members of the Board of Governors. The lecture, taught by Dr. Monika Rice, director of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies programs, was titled “Poland: No Country for the Jews?” and covered the increasing antisemitism in Poland as the country comes to terms with its dark past.

Michelle Portnoff, chair of the Board of Governors, participated in the webinar from her home. As a professional and mother, Portnoff said that she looks for convenient ways to learn.

“I sat in my kitchen and viewed the webinar,” she said. “The substance was good, but what I really liked was the convenience. I didn’t have to leave my house to participate.”

Portnoff, who has served as board chair since July 2016, said the webinar series complements Gratz’s other online learning programs.

“Gratz has the tools and the track record to offer these webinars, and it has the ability to keep expanding its audience,” she said. “We say we’re a community of lifelong learning. These webinars fit into that mission.”

-- MAY 2019