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Gratz College is launching two new programs in 2019, extending online learning opportunities to students seeking education in increasingly specialized fields.

The programs—a Master of Science in Camp Administration and Leadership, and Yiddish language courses—promise easy access to hard-to-find topics. Each program builds on Gratz’s foundation of online learning and seeks to attract students from around the world.

“These programs are perfect additions to our academic offerings,” said Dr. Honour Moore, interim academic dean. “They further expand our reach to the Jewish community and beyond.”

This spring, the college launched the Master of Science in Camp Administration and Leadership with its first cohort of students. The 36-credit program, which is the only master’s degree of its kind in the country, is designed to empower camp professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful leadership.  

Courses include foundations in camp administration; leadership for the camp professional; camp law and ethics; communication and collaboration; management and marketing; curriculum and program development; personnel and human resources; supervision; and inclusion and special needs. The program culminates with a practicum in the camp setting.

Dave Malter, M. A.

“This is really for anyone looking for professional development or credentials in camp administration,” said Dave Malter, director of the Camp Administration and Leadership program, as well as director of Gratz’s Master of Education program. “In an increasingly competitive world where camp administrators need to be the best, this is a program for both beginning and experienced camp leaders. It’s geared toward giving professionals at any level a stronger background in running camp.”

Malter is also excited to share that all students in the new program are eligible to receive scholarship through Gratz’s newly established Norman E. Friedman Scholarship Fund.

Dina Maiben, M.A.J.S.

This fall, Gratz’s academic offerings will expand further with the introduction of new online courses in Yiddish language and culture. Four years ago, Gratz pioneered an online Hebrew language program, and it will use the same model to teach Yiddish, said Dina Maiben, an assistant professor and director of the Hebrew program at Gratz. Maiben is nationally recognized for her work in the area of Hebrew reading instruction and has authored nineteen books and more than two dozen journal articles and stories.   

The Yiddish 1 and Yiddish 2 courses to be introduced this fall are designed to give students the basics, Maiben said. They will serve as elective courses for students enrolled in the Jewish Studies program or in the Jewish education track of the Master of Arts in Education.

“The focus is language, but you can’t teach Yiddish language without teaching culture,” Maiben said. “These courses will incorporate lots of Yiddish folk songs, lots of references to Eastern European Jewish culture.”

Courses will be taught by Nina Warnke, Ph.D., a professor in Vanderbilt University’s Department of German Russian & East European Studies who developed Yiddish language courses in conjunction with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Maiben expects interest in the Yiddish program to grow. For example, Gratz students in the master’s and doctoral programs in Holocaust and Genocide Studies may need to study Yiddish in order to conduct original research about the Holocaust.

“Yiddish language courses also expand Gratz’s Jewish education repertoire,” Maiben said.

“When we introduced Hebrew four years ago, we had only one tiny course,” she said. “Now there are four courses in Modern Hebrew and one in Biblical Hebrew. As we add Yiddish to the catalog, we are slowly incorporating all of the Jewish languages.”

To learn more about the Yiddish program, please contact Dina Maiben.

To learn more about the Camp Administration and Leadership program, contact Dave Malter or visit the program page on our website.

-- MAY 2019