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Transfer Credit Policy

How to Transfer Credits

As a JCHS student, you have the opportunity to earn academic credits for your Jewish educational experiences and build an educational portfolio that reflects your interests. JCHS is community minded and assigns a credit value to different Jewish teen experiences and programs. These credits can be transferred to a Gratz JCHS transcript.

There is no charge for transfers from any Jewish educational experiences.

Download the information that appears below here.

Download the Transfer Credit Form here.



Formal Jewish schools beginning in 8th grade: A transcript or letter from the school director is required.


  • Year of day school - 20 credits
  • TRY or EIE semester in Israel - 20 credits
  • Confirmation Program - 6 credits per year   

 Informal Jewish education experiences: Credits can be transferred beginning with the summer prior to enrollment at Gratz (no earlier than 8th grade). Credits assigned for Jewish camping and Israel travel programs are evaluated for duration and content.


  • Teen Assistance Program - 3 credits
  • Friendship Circle - 1 credit
  • Teen Aide in religious school - 2 credits per year (This increases to 4 credits per year when completed as part of our movement teaching certificate program.)
  • Volunteering in a Jewish context - 1 credit
  • Jewish Boy Scouts - 1 credit
  • Jewish Overnight Camp - evaluated on duration/content
  • Working at Jewish Day Camp - evaluated for duration and content
  • USY On Wheels - 6 credits
  • Youth Group Conventions - .25 credits per convention



Other Jewish experiences and programs will be evaluated by JCHS staff. Please inquire at [email protected].