The Tuttleman Library of Gratz College - Upholding Copyright Law

The Tuttleman Library of Gratz College upholds all provisions of United States copyright law.

United States copyright law is intended to protect the copyright holder in the regard to the use, reproduction, distribution, display and performance of the copyright holders’ copyrighted materials, regardless of format, nature, or genre.

Most material available on the internet is protected by copyright law, whether or not a statement of copyright is visible.  This includes resources such as subscription databases such as those available through the Tuttleman Library, and freely accessible public web sites.

The United States Copyright Office is the best resource to locate the most current information about copyright.

Here are some useful links to information provided by the U.S. Copyright Office:

Copyright Basics

Copyright Issues for Educators and Librarians

Common questions and authoritative answers on “fair use” and other copyright matters

Informative circulars on many more topics regarding Copyright law

News on updated copyright law circulars addressing various topics

If you have further questions, please contact the librarian: 
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